AIADC - Associazione Italiana Professionisti Collaborativi

AIADC – Associazione Italiana Professionisti Collaborativi, is active in Italy since 2010 and includes 270 professionals located in different areas and cities of northern and central Italy. There are professionals in Milan, where the association is seated, and in many different cities and towns of the regions of Lombardia (Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona, Mantova), Piemonte (Torino, Vercelli), Veneto (Venezia, Padova, Treviso, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa), Trentino-Alto Adige (Trento, Bolzano), Emilia Romagna (Bologna) and Toscana (Firenze, Lucca, Siena, Grosseto, Livorno).

The Association includes lawyers, mental health professionals, financial experts, child experts, coaches who have all been trained following to the standards set by IACP – International Academy of Collaborative Professionals – and who work in team to help people solve conflicts with mutual respect and without going to Court. We require a continuous professional training of our members, who are also compelled to be in good standing with the ethical codes and standards of their profession and those of Collaborative Practice as set out by the international organization IACP.

Collaborative Practice in Italy has always being mainly focused on family conflicts, but recently we have started to research  and study the applicability of this method in other areas, such as civil and commercial disputes, since we are convinced  it could be a useful tool for all those situations in which it is important to preserve the personal relationships between the parties.

In family matters, we encourage a multi-disciplinary approach, in order to integrate and complete the juridical competence of the lawyer with the competence of other professionals, since we are aware that separation, divorce and, in general, all family conflicts involve not only legal aspects, but also relational, emotional and economical  aspects.

Our members help the parties to communicate, with respect, what is important to them. They do not fuel conflicts. On the contrary, they work to solve them with good faith and transparency.

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