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Collaborative Practice: The Dutch way

In June 2008 well experienced Dutch mediators were asked by the Family Lawyer and Mediator Association, the vFAS , to attend the European Conference in Cork, Ireland. It was immediately clear that Collaborative Practice has great opportunities in the field of family law to avoid a long and expensive battle in court.

In 2009, the Netherlands took the initiative to set up an Association for collaborative Professionals in divorce law (VCDH). Since 2014 known as the VvCP. Within the VvCP we also embraced Civil and Commercial Law. Most of our cases are however in the field of family law.

In The Netherlands mediation is quite widespread since more than 20 years and has become an often used method in divorce practice. Even when there is already a procedure in court, the legal system nowadays promotes towards mediation to help people in getting a solution without a further lawsuit. Since we are familiar with the model of CP in the Netherlands, Dutch Collaborative Professionals prefer to work in a multidisciplinary collaborative team with trained people. To protect the Collaborative Practice we always work on the basis of an participation agreement.

To become a member of the VvCP you have to be trained as a mediator and you must have completed a basic training in collaborative practice.

In January 2009 the early Dutch adapters were trained by the IACP, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Stu Webb, family lawyer from Minneapolis is one the founders of IACP and he is called the founding Godfather of Collaborative Law.

The current President of the Dutch Association of Collaborative professionals (VvCP) is Christan Zantboer, financial

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