The European Network of Collaborative Practice is a network of European CP organisations. We first met in September 2008 in Fischbachau near Munich, Germany. We met to connect, share ideas and develop collaborative practice in Europe. In 2012 we started the process of forming a legal entity. In December 2014 the association ENCP was registered under Dutch law. Our first president was Annette Van Keulen followed by Irene van Noort. Our current president is Katja Ziehe.

Collaborative practice in Europe

The ENCP consists of national and regional CP organisations from the following countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland. The Board consists of seven members and generally meets twice a year. The General Assembly is held once a year. In addition, a number of smaller working groups and committees meet on a more regular basis.

Our founding principles are:

  • The promotion and growth in Europe of collaborative practice;
  • The promotion of lifelong learning /education of its members and of the national/local associations through training;
  • The promotion and exchange of experience at European cross border level with regard to collaborative law and practice (in part to enable professionals to work cross-border);
  • The creation and maintenance of closer ties between European collaborative professionals to enable the exchange of experience amongst practitioners of collaborative law and practice;
  • The development of a European quality standard for collaborative practitioners;
  • To support the development and growth of collborative law and practice in all European countries, whilst at the same time respecting respecting the individual, social, cultural and legal framework of each member state country.

Membership is open to national and regional CP organisations. ENCP is also open to Partners. Partners are individuals who are trained in Collaborative Law and Practice and do not have a regional or national Collaborative Law and Practice association or entity in their country.

If you or your association is interested in becoming a member or partner please contact the chair of our New Member Committee cath@cathkarlinfamilylaw.co.uk.

Attached the constitution of the ENCP.


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